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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Fitness on the Net (XI)

Start the weekend and as usual, we review the best links we found on fitness on the net and we share them with you so that you can catch up with tips, news and much more about healthy living, food, physical activity and sport.

  • The weather begins to change and the chances of running cold are higher, so in Soymaratonista they give us some tips to take into account the run in a cold weather.
  • In blognutrition they show us the differences between use barbell or dumbbells at the time of training and they advise us when it is convenient to use one or another alternative.
  • For those who are training their muscles and want to grow, the testosterone It is a hormone of great importance for its anabolic function. In Mybestchanllege they show us what they are the nutrients that can regulate testosterone levels and some commonly used supplements.
  • The equipment at the time of running is essential and without a doubt the essential when caring is the footwear, therefore, in athletes.info they tell us how to wash the running shoes without damaging them.
  • In Intersport they talk to us about the Mountain bike and they give us varied advice when using it in adventure.
  • Finally, in Nutrition.pro they remind us of problems of eating a severe hypocaloric diet at the time of losing weight. If we want to lose fat in a healthy way, better stay away from very restrictive diets.

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